Semi-metallic break pads

The synthetic fiber with free asbestos metal combination and the advance manufacturing techniques under demanding quality controls, offer a suitable answer for braking and performance in all type of vehicles.

When having the ideal balance between hardness, efficiency and duration, the other brake system components such as discs, cylinders, among others; are not affected. Its friction coefficient offers a stable performance that adjusts to diverse climatic conditions.

ICHIMAX® break pads

ICHIMAX® Ceramic brake pads

Committing with the world and the environment, ICHIBAN® presents ICHIMAX® Ceramic with multiple vehicle brands applications. Ceramic has exceptional wearing resistance properties that guarantee an efficient, smooth and uniform braking in all type of climate and conditions.

Thanks to its asbestos free friction material quality components, ICHIMAX® Ceramic offers thermal dissipation, and cleanliness properties. ICHIMAX® EXCLUSIVE CERAMIC properties contribute to braking EFFICIENCY.

If what you need is a MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY in each braking, do not accept less than you deserve, install ICHIMAX® Ceramic and pay less for a product developed to protect your life, your family and your investment.

ICHIMAX® Graphitech brake pads

ICHIBAN® high performance line offer Brake Pads for vehicles that require great power. In which a fast answer while braking without affecting stability and maneuverability when taken to the limit. Its advanced technology provides additional elements for security, noise control and vibration such as:

RGT® Rough Glue Tech:
Anti Noise Covering with heat-resisting rubbers creates a rough surface to facilitate better adjustment of the brake pad in the caliper.

Shims or Anti-Noise Support:
Complements like shims and lining reduce vibration noise. The central groove in the friction material shows if it is wearing down. When the groove disappears it is time to change the pads.

Slot Chamfer:
Lateral diagonal cuts on the friction material contribute to major heat dissipation. The existing compensation between contact area, heat dissipation and design; lightens the break pad weight without affecting its durability.

Acquire ICHIMAX® Graphitech and Ceramic, the latest innovation in braking technology.

Front brake shoe

ICHIBAN® braking line is complemented with Ichiban Brake Shoes.

With a high friction coefficient, an excellent performance in sudden braking, and reduced wearing; ICHIBAN® is the perfect complement for your vehicle.


  04495-12090 Toyota Corolla AE-82
  44060-50Y25 Nissan Sentra B13 90
  5-87832-090-0 Isuzu D-Max 4x4
  5-87832-091-0 Isuzu D-Max 4x2
  53200-70800-000 Daewoo Tico / Matiz / Spark 7:24 Cronos
  53210-70C10 Chevrolet Swift 1.3 cc
  93287403 Chevrolet Corsa
  F-347 Mazda 323 96 / Allegro 1.3 / Laser

Rear brake shoe

An excellent alternative when the brake shoe requires only friction material replacement, because it offers the flexibility to match with all type of support.

Its durability, low thermal conductivity and wearing resistance are qualities which you can trust to provide your vehicle a safe, silent and efficient braking in the different operation conditions.

ICHIBAN® Rear Brake Shoe, a flexible, durable, and economic option at the time of change.